Make Safety Easy

Comprehensive, automated safety programs that save time, avoid penalties and keeps safety top of mind.


Deliver Safety Meeting Reminders and Content – Automatically and Effortlessly

It’s a fact, a safety culture that includes consistent and timely safety meetings reduces accidents. Our automatic delivery of professionally developed safety materials helps keep your employees safe and injury free.


How Text4Safety Works

Weekly Delivery

Each week your supervisors will automatically be reminded to conduct their safety meeting and provide a professionally developed discussion guide. All information is received directly on their mobile device.

Supervisor Accountability

Supervisors will be asked to confirm that they conducted their safety meeting – a powerful way to drive accountability.

Management Reporting

Managers have access to supervisor responses (in real time) and a record of all past and planned safety meetings – a great tool for demonstrating your organization’s commitment to safety.

The Employee Mobile Communication Manager

The Employee Mobile Communication Manager (EmCom) is a browser based platform that can be accessed from any device. EmCom allows you to manage your program including setting up departments, roles, locations and participants. This is also where you access all reports.

Delivering Safety Content via Text Message Works!

“This system is an easy and automated way to give my supervisors the weekly content they need to promote safety to all employees throughout the facility! It also holds the supervisors accountable.”

--Aaron Morgan, CIO of Healthcare Managers Inc.

Who Uses Text4Safety?

  • Do you have a geographically disparate workforce?
  • Are you a small organization with limited resources to devote to safety and risk management?
  • Are your supervisors constantly looking for safety-related content to support their safety meetings?
  • Are you committed to building a strong safety culture but don’t have the tools to make it a reality?

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions,
then Text4Safety is right for you!


Equip your Supervisors with the content they need to deliver consistent and meaningful Safety Discussions to their teams.

Safety/Training Directors

Monitor Supervisors to confirm that weekly Safety Discussions are being conducted.

Executive & Business Owners

Avoid deficiencies and fines and reduce workers compensation related costs.

On-Demand Messaging

Have you ever wanted to immediately share information with your teams such as a circumstance that almost caused an accident or precautions to take on a high heat day?

Instantly communicate with an entire department, location, or company.

In a matter of seconds, Text4Safety can instantly send text messages to your workforce. Saving you time and giving you peace of mind that information is in the hands of those that need it most.

Easily and Quickly Get The Right Message To the Right Person At the Right Time.

On-Demand messaging not only supports safety related communication, but also other, time-sensitive subjects such as weather alerts, schedule changes or administrative announcements. Your staff will appreciate timely updates directly to their mobile device.



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Weekly safety meeting reminders and discussion guides sent directly to your supervisors.


  • Weekly, automatic safety meeting reminders sent to supervisor mobile phones.
  • Comprehensive, topic specific discussion guides.
  • Employee Mobile Communication Manager for set-up and management of supervisor participants.
  • Historical reporting.
  • Email support.
  • Monthly billing, cancel at any time.
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Complete safety program that enhances overall safety culture.

Includes all Essentials features plus:

  • Weekly employee safety tip.
  • Track employee safety meeting attendance.
  • On-demand messaging to communicate topical, just-in-time information (e.g., near misses, administrative communication).


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Customized safety program to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Includes all Complete features plus:

  • Custom safety content and message delivery schedule.
  • Company branding.
  • HR system integration.
  • Complete implementation and set-up support.

On-Demand Messaging

On-demand messaging to communicate topical, just-in-time information (e.g., near misses, administrative communication). Can be purchased separately or upgraded later.

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We are passionate about improving business performance through enhanced employer to employee communication. We believe that sending the right message - education, instructions, alerts - at precisely the moment it is most relevant is one key to unlocking breakthrough performance. Almost as important as the message is the medium. In today's fast paced world, traditional methods of communication (e.g., telephone calls, emails) oftentimes fall short of getting timely information into the hands of those that need it most. As a result, we have chosen mobile as our medium of choice. More specifically, we communicate using a text-first approach. Each interaction begins with a text message, a simple, proven way of getting people's attention. Links within text messages are an on-ramp to the mobile web and the rich resources that are available there. Because message recipients don't need to download and configure an app - this simple, ubiquitous and immediate approach goes to work immediately for our customers.

Everyday we "imagine the possibilities" of this approach and develop products that address key issues and challenges of business owners and executives.

Have an idea for how mobile communication can enhance your business?

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